The following is an outline of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel School uniform. Any questions regarding the interpretation of the uniform policy are to be directed to the principal. Students who do not come to school in full uniform are to have a note from a parent or guardian, and should wear clothes that are as close to uniform as possible. This is acceptable only in an extraordinary circumstance. Additional regulations may become necessary as need arises.  All uniforms must be purchased through Dennis Uniform.

Visit Dennis Uniforms to purchase your child's uniform.




Socks: Crew length above ankle or triple roll socks, solid white or navy blue in color
Shoes: Solid color, sturdy, durable lace up court shoe

Acceptable Colors: solid white, solid navy blue, solid dark brown, or solid black with complementary laces.

***Note shoe/sock guidelines when making your purchase as socks and shoes that do not meet the guidelines will not be permitted. Dennis Uniforms has the approved shoes and socks available for purchase.


The new school sweatshirt or school sweater options sold by Dennis Uniforms are the approved outerwear. Heavy jackets worn during bad weather are for outside use only and may only be worn over the approved uniform sweatshirt while outside. ·In extremely cold or rainy weather, girls may wear solid navy blue or white tights (must be footed – NO LEGGINGS!). Undershirts must remain tucked in at all times.
K – 5: Students may wear school uniform with tennis shoes. ·P.E. uniform purchase is optional. ·Grades 6- 8: Students are to wear a gray OLMCS emblem crew neck t-shirt or any appropriate OLMCS· t-shirt with the approved school P.E. short. ·Students must wear athletic shoes to P.E. ·Solid navy blue sweatpants may be worn for P.E. only in cases of extremely cold weather. ·Students are expected to wear the P.E. uniform even on days when they have free dress. K – 8: ·No P.E. uniforms may be worn to school; students will change at school.
Out of respect and reverence, students are to wear a jumper/skirt/skort or pants and polo shirt to Church.


Option 1 ·(PreK-5th) Plaid uniform jumper with white, Peter Pan collared blouse.
Option 2 (PreK-5th) Dennis Uniform navy twill skort with a tucked in light blue OLMCS emblem polo shirt (short or long-sleeved).
Option 1 (6th-8th) Plaid uniform skirt with a tucked in navy OLMCS emblem polo shirt (short or long-sleeved). Skirt Length: No more than two (2) inches above the knee.
(PreK -8th) Dennis Uniform navy blue twill slacks with a tucked in school OLMCS emblem polo shirt (short or long-sleeved)Unacceptable Styles: Pants other than those sold by Dennis Uniform bearing the Dennis logo.
Optional Accessories:

Hairdressings that complement the uniform colors Jewelry is limited to small stud earrings (one pair), a watch, a ring, or ·small religious symbol necklace.

Unacceptable: Make-up, lipstick, and nail polish may not be worn to school


(Pre K-8th)Option 1: Dennis Uniform navy blue twill slacks with a tucked in OLMCS emblem polo shirt (short or long-sleeved) ·and plain black leather dress belt Polo Shirt Color Code: Grades Pre K – 5; light blue, Grades 6-8; grayUnacceptable Styles: Pants other than those sold by Dennis Uniform bearing the Dennis logo
Option 2: Dennis Uniform navy blue twill shorts with a tucked in OLMCS emblem polo shirt (short or long-sleeved) and plain black leather dress belt· Polo Shirt Color Code: Grades Pre K – 5; light blue,Grades 6-8; gray Short Length: At knee, not belowUnacceptable Styles: Pants other than those sold by Dennis Uniform bearing the Dennis logo.
Optional Accessories: Watch, ring, or small religious symbol on a necklace


MAKE UP (including lip gloss) or NAIL POLISH (colored) MAY NOT BE WORN AT SCHOOL.  MAKE UP MAY NOT BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL.  Only clear, unflavored lip balm may be used. FALSE NAILS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Nails must be kept trimmed to an appropriate length.
JEWELRY: One non dangling earring per ear for girls   none for boys, one ring per hand, one bracelet per wrist, one necklace or chain.
HAIR: Hair for boys may not be shaved and must be trimmed neatly in such a fashion as to be out of their eyes and above the collar.

"Non uniform" day is the last Friday of the month and is noted on the school calendar for students who have maintained Perfect Attendance for the month.  On Thursday teachers will notify those students who are allowed to wear free dress. The exception to this would be on the student's birthday when a student may wear free dress.

When a student comes to school out of uniform he/she will receive a Uniform Violation slip and accept the appropriate consequence.  Parental support and help with adherence to the uniform policy is expected and appreciated, as one of the purposes of wearing a uniform is to alleviate unnecessary attention focused on the styles and brands of clothing promoted in society.

NON-UNIFORM CODE: Only clothing that is appropriate for school may be worn. The following may not be worn: sandals, clogs, Uggs, shoes with open backs or slick soles, short shorts, cut off, bicycle shorts, tights (unless worn under a dress or skirt), halter tops, spaghetti strap tank tops, tube tops, crop tops (bare midriff). All clothing must fit in a traditional manner. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist and may not be worn baggy or sagging. Pants must be hemmed to an appropriate length. Frayed hems and split seams or clothing that is torn are not allowed. MAKE UP (including lip gloss) or NAIL POLISH (colored) MAY NOT BE WORN AT SCHOOL.  MAKE UP MAY NOT BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL.  Only clear, unflavored lip balm may be used.

Free dress days will be identified as either Code A days (nice dress / church attire) or Code B (more casual, informal wear).



  • Solid color long pants (no denim) with belt worn through belt loops
  • Collared shirts tucked into pants
  • No shorts, sandals or flip-flops.  Shoes must have an enclosed heel


  • Dresses or skirts must fall at 2” above the knee or below (no denim)
  • Solid color long dress pants or pantsuits (no denim)
  • Blouses must have sleeves
  • Blouses: neckline at the collarbone or above with shirttails tucked in
  • Shirts without shirttails must extend to the lower hip or below
  • Socks, hose or tights
  • Shoes with enclosed heel and toe

All clothing that might be removed (jackets, sweaters, sweat shirts, uniforms (at P.E.) must be clearly labeled with the student's name.

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